Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas we seem to alternate between staying home and going to San Mateo to visit Grandma and Grandpa, (my parents). This year we're up in San Mateo, and it feels SO good to get away! We arrived the 23rd, and began Christmas Eve with our traditional brundy casserole and sweet breads for breakfast.

As always, Grandma worked away and we thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of her labor!

This year, my mom invited some of her dear friends who bless us every year with William Sonoma peppermint bark and hot chocolate. Oh, yummy!!! We are so spoiled. It was great to see them!

The afternoon was spent playing games, cuddling, going for a walk, church, and our traditional Swedish Meatball dinner. I LOVE traditions... I LOVE family... and I LOVE Christmas time!

Allison (and Papa), had fun doing magic tricks they learned with the book they found in Grandma's closet!

The girls each opened one present: a dress to wear on Christmas day!

Uncle Nate provided wonderful giggles all around!

The girls are lucky to have their very own Santa Claus for a grandpa! Hope you had a blessed Christmas Eve!

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