Friday, December 3, 2010

Family Fun Friday: A Christmas Theme

Days like this, I LOVE living in Southern California. 75 -- the perfect number, if you ask me! This morning while I was at MOPS, (Natalie came with me), Daniel took Allison and Sierra to the mall for pretzels and smoothies. Only in So Cal do you go for smoothies on Dec. 3!

We spent the rest of the afternoon outside, as well! While Natalie and I went for a jog, Daniel dressed up Allison in his uniform!

It was so heavy on her, she literally toppled over!

We came home and played until it was time to make dinner...

Inside, our house feels SO cozy right now, with all the decorations up!

For dinner, we did meatballs, brussel sprouts, and cheese fondue for fun. Trader Joe's sells the BEST, most easy-to-do cheese fondue. Just don't read the fat content. (Yikes!) It is soooo yummy, though! Especially with Costco's garlic french bread.

And, I am telling you once again my husband is out to make me fat... seriously! Look what he brought us for dessert. I won't even tell you how much junk we've had around here. New Year's resolutions, here I come!

After dinner, we had another game night. I found this puzzle in the dollar section at Target!

The most fun was sitting under the tree and playing games by the tree lights...


Karen Hyde said...

We must be on the same donut calendar... we just had those same donuts this week! Funny!

Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

That is so crazy, Karen! Next time we have to do donuts together... are there New Year's donuts? :)

Titut said...

What a beautiful family. I was smiling watch one of the girl, Allison, isn't it? Wearing the yellow uniform, it's cute and she looks happy in it. Have a happy holiday Yeh family, cheers' TITUT

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