Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Nutcracker Ballet

Yesterday, I took the girls for their first experience with a real theater playhouse. They have always been excited about the ballet, and I have wanted to see the Nutcracker again ever since I last saw it which was when I was Allison's age!

We went with our dear friends, and it was absolutely wonderful. The girls were so excited, they could hardly wait until it was time to start. I warned them ahead of time that there were no words, so we read through a short version of the story about 6 times that morning so that they could try to follow along. I was SO glad I had. They would each turn to me at different times, and ask, "Is this the part where...?"

I brought coloring for the waiting part, and lollipops for when they got wiggly... both came in handy!

Afterwards, we were able to meet and take pictures with some of the dancers. I was surprised how excited the girls were to meet them!

The lady pictured below in the blue dress was my favoite dancer. She was the Snow Queen, and did an amazing job.

The beautiful Bridges Auditorium in Claremont:

The whole gang:

Once outside, the wiggles came out, and the girls danced and twirled away. It was adorable!

The End.

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