Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Enjoying The Season

Vacation. Loving it! Playing games. Watching movies. Pulling out new toys. No schedule... I could get used to this life! We are now home from our trip, but we're still really enjoying our break from school. (Actually, the girls would be happy to do school again, but mom is kind of enjoying this break and plans to take advantage of every free minute!) Here's a glimpse of some of the new toys and fun...

Toy Story 3 Operation. Daniel busted this puppy out on day 6 of the rain as an early Christmas present to himself Allison.

Lite Brite. One of Natalie's birthday presents... a toy I've always wanted! How fun for both of us.

The Keyboard. Santa brought this present! The keys light up as you play. It is lots of fun, and I plan on re-learning it during my free time. Ummm... well, some day!

Today we brought out the Madeline magnetic puppet theater from Grandma that you color in yourself. It was a perfect activity for a rainy morning, and the girls played with it for about an hour; (That's impressive for my girls!) We then popped some popcorn and watched the Madeline movie Daniel bought the girls during Sierra's afternoon nap. Great Madeline day!

And, another hit -- a magnetic dress-up Cinderella and Belle from Auntie and cousins for Natalie's birthday. Don't they look lovely?

Hope you're enjoying some family time and some rest before the New Year!

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kasthurirajam said...

beautiful.happy new year

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