Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve 2010

Happy 2011! Hope you had a wonderful time ringing in the new year! We had a super blessed evening with some of our favorite people doing our annual fondue! First, we had to get prepared... first we got Christmas put away, and then it was on to some fun! We stole borrowed this idea from Alisa Burke via Be Different Act Normal to make fortune cookies. So easy, (with a slight learning curve), and so fun! Allison was in charge of writing all the "fortunes," (i.e. "God loves you")

We wrapped the table in butcher paper with markers at each end for a fun place to write resolutions...

The fortune cookie recipe made about 9 fortune cookies, so we put one next to each plate.

Our dear, dear, sweet friends!

Of course, no resolutions were made... but there were lots of fun pictures and stories from the creative kiddos!

Don't worry... it's just sparkling cranberry juice!

And for dessert...

We tried some new things with these s'mores; peanut butter cups, chocolate bark, peppermint bark, (which was a favorite!), and Ghiradelli dark chocolate squares. Mmmmm...

The annual puzzle race took place, and was completed successfully before midnight. The girls then went off to play as we talked and talked and talked... then looked at the clock and realized it was 11:00pm; and the kids were still up playing! Yikes!

After saying goodbye, putting the girls down, and getting ready for bed ourselves, we looked at the clock and had 2 minutes until midnight. I'm happy to report for the first time in our marriage, (at least to the best of our memories), we stayed up until the New Year. Woohoo! Can't wait to see what God has in store for 2011! Blessings on you this new year!

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