Monday, January 17, 2011

Total Randomness

Warning: This post has no theme whatsoever... just some random, disconnected thoughts!

See the picture above? If you lived here, you would see it a lot, lately. I don't know how or when it happened, but Allison is suddenly a reader. And, I do mean suddenly! It was like something clicked, and suddenly she was reading away. It is amazing to see, (and hear!) I snuck up on her, (or so I thought), to take the first picture. As I walked out, I heard her say, "I heard you," so I came back and took a picture with her smiling. So, if you can't find Allison, just listen for a little storyteller, and chances are you'll find her curled up somewhere reading a book aloud!

It may be winter here, but spring cleaning is well underway. Daniel and I spent the last 3 days organizing our master closet... anything from sorting and folding tissue paper to organizing the used ribbon drawer and sorting gift bags. Daniel even built an entire new shelf, which helped a lot with space! We have a ton of extra room, now. We'll see how long that will last!

Since the house is getting cleaned and organized, it was time to pull out Valentine decor. The girls gravitated to last year's heart crayons and stamps right away. I even bought a ton of candy for our upcoming MOPS leader fondue party, but have to admit I have had way too many a few pieces of Dove dark chocolate.

Besides the closet, Daniel also was able to finally re-stain the deck. It only took him a month once he cleared off the deck, due to our non-stop rainy season, which seems to have been replaced with summer! The girls and I are outside most the day enjoying it.

Today we needed veggies for dinner. So, I decided to go to the Asian Market, just so I could splurge on boba and California rolls for lunch. It was worth it! I love that I can enjoy such a lunch with Allison. I foresee future dates with her going to try fun new foods. Hopefully she'll like coffee some day, (far, far away), and we can have coffee dates, too!

I got this adorable bunting banner printable free from Catch My Party. Another step closer to being ready for my party!

Last, but not least, I also ended up picking out these steaks for dinner tonight from the Asian market. I felt a little guilty not waiting for Daniel, but I got tired of processed frozen food I've been having too much of lately when he's at work. Yes, I can even enjoy a grilled steak dinner with my girls!

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