Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fondue take 3!

Whew... talk about cutting it close! I finished the cookies just in time! I was literally tying the last one as the first guest arrived. I will have to give you the recipe for the frosting... I found it online, and it is supposedly the Sprinkles, (Beverly Hills cupcake place), strawberry frosting. Whether it is or not, it is incredible!

Every year, I like to change things up just a bit. The decor this year was new, as well as the drinks, favors and dessert. For drinks, we went with raspberry lemonade and peppermint mochas. Mmmmmm....

For dessert, I went back to what we did for New Year's Eve; s'mores... with choices! Cinnamon or honey grahams... peanut butter cups, peppermint bark, coffee bark, dark or light chocolate, and chocolate caramels. It's such a fun end to fondue!

Finally, for our game we passed out conversation hearts to everybody, and went around in a circle. The rule was, you had to add on to a story using the word(s) on your conversation heart. It was fun! For those who could stay, we played Taboo... always a favorite!

Farewell Fondue! And, thanks to all the beautiful mommies who lead at MOPS... you are a treasure!


Katie said...

WOW!! What a GREAT looking party! I would LOVE the frosting recipe as it looks delicious :)

Karen Hyde said...

Wow, Cara! You blow my mind! I'm thinking you have a future as a party planner. I'll volunteer to be your first customer. ;)

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