Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Romantic Ideas

Looking for some fun romantic ideas for Valentine's Day? I've compiled a few for an upcoming MOPS newsletter, and thought I would share them with you, as well! Let's start with this one... remember these from New Year's Eve?

1. Homemade Fortune cookies! They were truly simple to make. Just think... if you dip them in chocolate and add some sprinkles, they would be perfect for Valentine's Day!

2. A love/ thank-you note journal. I originally bought this journal for Daniel for our first anniversary, (January 24, 2005). It is a place to record all the "little things" that we wouldn't necessarily write a thank-you card for, such as "thanks so much for doing dishes tonight," or "thanks for taking the girls so I could nap," etc. It's fun to stick it in different places for the other to find!

3. A decoupaged card holder. Being the romantic I am, I save all my cards and notes from Daniel. (Of course, what girl isn't a romantic?) And, being the romantic he is, he saves them all from me! So, I made him this box for our first Valentine's Day as a place to store all his cards. Unfortunately, I didn't make it large enough, so it now houses all the Valentine cards he writes to the girls each year. He started when each girl was a baby! What a treasure for them some day!

I have no more pictures, (at least not yet), but here are a few more ideas I've come across:

4. Date night coupon book with 12 dates... one for each month of the year!

5. I saw somewhere someone had framed old cards that were written to their spouse and hung them in a collage over their bed; it was very cute!

6. Alisa Burke turned her old love notes into
pillows! You can get the tutorial HERE. Ok, I lied... here is one more picture:

If you're not into pillows, you can do a whole duvet cover like we did for Daniel for Father's Day this year! You can get that tutorial here.

7. You can never go wrong with flowers and chocolate... at least, not in my book! Being that Valentine's Day is also my birthday, those two items are always standard faire! However, my husband likes to go the "extra mile," and often thinks of more "creative" items to surprise me with. If he were a fan of chocolate, I would love to surprise him with these chocolate cupckaes with fire strawberries from Sprinkles Bakes. Creative. Original. Fire. If it weren't for the chocolate, which my husband doesn't like, I would be making these in a heartbeat! What the heck... here's another picture:
Lovely, aren't they? Ok, moving on...

9. Recycled Jar filled with sweet notes. If you're a scrapbooker, (or wish you had the time, but love the idea like me!), take the time to use some of your fun materials to dress-up an old applesauce jar and fill it with love notes your honey can pull out whenever he is feeling down.

10. Praise board! (Yes, you can completely disregard my "no more pictures," comment.) I just thought of this one! My dear friend made me this "praise board" for Christmas last year. I have it hung up... and I love it... but, we haven't really written notes to each other on it, simply because we don't have any dry erase markers near by!

She got the idea from Jeanne Winter's book, Inspirational Home, which I absolutely love! There are endless more ideas: other good resources include Be Different, Act Normal, and Family Fun. Let me know some of your creative romantic ideas!

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