Monday, January 31, 2011

He Loves Me...

For our anniversary dinner, Daniel found an incredible restaurant on the water called the Red Marlin. It was a bit of a drive from our hotel, and I was worried about the girls melting down in their exhaustion. But, it turns out I worried in vain...

We arrived just in time to watch the sunset.

I love eating early... we had our pick of seats, as we were one of the only people at the restaurant! Daniel had the foresight to take the girls to a 99 cent store to get some coloring books and crayons while Sierra napped at the hotel and I showered. My husband is brilliant!

Dinner was incredible. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of it! We did have Natalie take this picture of us with our desserts.... Godiva chocolate custard with almonds and a toasted mint marshmallow. Sierra, Natalie, and I devoured it!!! We also got a hazelnut liquoer coffee; it was ok, but I prefer straight coffee with my dessert!

The 2 big girls crashed on the way home. Only Sierra stayed up and serenaded us with her singing. (That chocolate put her in a good mood!) Both Daniel and I commented that this was the most well-behaved the 3 of them have ever acted at a restaurant. That was the best gift ever!

As lovely as the evening was, I secretly missed going out with no kids, as we have every other anniversary. We got back from our trip, and I was beat! But, there was no time to relax, as I had to get ready for the fondue. (Don't get me wrong... I love entertaining! And, I felt so blessed by our vacation! I was just feeling a bit worn out!) As I usually do when feeling that way, I blasted the radio to lift my spirit a bit. There is nothing like a little praise and worship to give you a boost of energy!

As I was listening, I heard, "Be caller 7 now!" I had just gotten Sierra, so I had no idea what I was calling about, but I grabbed the phone and dialed anyway. The next thing I knew, I had 4 tickets to go to a Christian comedy show on Saturday; the day after the fondue! My sweet hubby took the day off so he could go with me, and it was SOOOO good!

We had just gotten back from vacation... we could afford tickets... our relationship is in a really good place... certainly there was someone out there more deserving than me! But, God knew how much I wanted a date night with my husband. He knew how much I needed a good laugh. He knew we wouldn't have gone had I not won the tickets, and He wanted to bless us! What a gift! I am SO grateful! If you ever get a chance to see Michael Reyner, Nazareth, or Robert G. Lee... GO! They are hillarious!

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