Friday, January 21, 2011

More with Penguins

We finished up our penguin week on a pretty light note... school consisted of just 2 projects; penguins with a lesson on fractions for the wings, (thanks again, Almost Unschoolers), and then Mama's demonstration on how to paint a penguin.

This was my second "How to Paint a..." lesson, my first being, "How to paint an elephant." Would you believe they did better with an elephant than a penguin? (Or perhaps I did better with an elephant than a penguin??) Either way, they seem to like these demonstrative lessons quite a bit. And, just because Natalie's expression is once again adorable, here is a close-up:

Meanwhile, when I look down to see what's tugging on my legs, this is what I find:

Sure, she is whining... sure, she is about to pull down my jammie pants... But, the worst part about it is the black acrylic paint she is getting all over (my pants!)! Where did she get it, you ask? Just look at the lovely streak marks under my penguin...

Yes, I was aware this might happen... Yes, it occurred to me to wait until Sierra went to sleep... Yes, I pondered using a pen for my demonstration... but where's the fun in that? :)

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