Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Last Meal

It's been GORGEOUS outside the last few days... low 70's, sunshine, and blue skies! You know, the type of weather that calls you outside to do hopscotch with sidewalk chalk! So, what did we do?

Yes, inside hopscotch. Why? I'm not really sure! The girls just kept hopping, so I decided to put some tape down for numbers to play the real thing :)

As you can see, we at least left the front door open for fresh air. (In case you were wondering -- Sierra didn't escape, though it may look like it from the picture below!) We did get out quite a bit to ride bikes, play ball, play with Triscuit, and just sit on the front porch. I absolutely love living on a cul-de-sac!

And, I managed to squeeze in a 5.7 mile run today. Don't worry, though. I quickly put back the calories thanks to my husband's miso seared scallops, bacon green beans, and a glass of wine!

As Fancy Nancy would say... "Ooh, la, la!" As always, he did an awesome job. Of course, he had some practice. The night before he cooked his "last meal," at his station. You see, as a firefighter, every time you switch stations, there is an unwritten rule; a tradition, per se, that you are to make an awesome meal before leaving. I often hear of these meals he has, and become quite jealous. I was pleasantly surprised tonight to find out not only did I not have to cook, but I got to partake in one of these special meals! (He left out the leg of lamb, as I am not a lamb fan!)

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