Monday, August 15, 2011

The desks are done!

So, we finally finished the desk areas! The finishing touches include adjustable shelving above the desks, which utilizes all that wasted vertical space. Magnet strips, (not shown here), are hung on the side area to display art work. And, we hung curtains so they could either work in private, which they find fun sometimes, or so we can close off the space for a more formal look.

Daniel covered the desktops with a sheet of plastic to protect the surface. The shelving unit which sits on top of the desk is a whiteboard! The orange drawers just make me smile. And, the girls are thrilled with their pink chairs and pink lights! There is also a third nook, not pictured here, but identical for Sierra when she gets older. For now, it is Daniel's work space. Overall, we are very happy with how this turned out! Who would have thought these crazy nooks that I didn't know what to do with would turn out to be such a blessing for our home schooling?

How long will it take Sierra to figure out what's happening behind those curtains? (about 2 seconds!)

1 comment:

Karen Hyde said...

Those turned out sooo cute! And I love that they look like curtained windows when closed. Thanks for having us over today... SO much fun!

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