Thursday, August 4, 2011

Totally Random, (once again!)

We are now back from our final trip of the summer... a short jaunt up north to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday! Now I am busy...
  • catching-up on doctor's appointments
  • staying up way too late building Ikea products
  • unpacking as fast as I possibly can
  • dreaming of all the decorating possibilities for my new blank canvas, (I mean home)
  • gathering back-to-school ideas
  • editing Texas and San Francisco pictures so I can finally blog about them!
  • swimming every day - oh, how I LOVE this house!
  • enjoying more summer fruit for breakfast and trying new recipes!
Crepes are actually a staple around here.... what makes these ones special was all the summer fruit, (peaches, strawberries, blueberries, etc.), and one of my favorites, Montana huckleberry jam!

And, on a totally separate note, I am SO thankful for a magnetic dishwasher, since we now have a stainless steel refrigerator. It's amazing how entertained these can keep my girls!

Can't wait to post more! If you don't hear from me soon, you will find me preparing for school on Monday! Even though it's not even close to fall, the thought of school has me dreaming of cozy sweaters, cinnamon candles, and fresh apple pie.... one can dream!

1 comment:

Karen Hyde said...

I have those same thoughts when school starts... cool days (ha!), jeans, baking with pumpkins and apples... Funny how our kids probably won't have those thoughts at all! They'll be thinking back to school means HOT. *sigh*

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