Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Girls Getaway

Where to begin??? Every night since school began I am faced with this dilemma: clean the house, work on more unpacking/ re-organizing, veg on HGTV, or blog. Obviously, this past week I have not gone with the last option... but I am ready to hop aboard, again! Before going too far back, let me start with this past weekend.

Before the weekend began, a special box arrived at our door... My sweet husband had ordered a box of gourmet chocolates to send me and my dear friend T off to a weekend at the beach!

I brought my nice camera, whose case is rather large, so I wasn't as inclined to take pictures as I would have liked. But, I do have some, and some wonderful memories!

Day 1: Sea salt coffee and pastries at 85 Degrees, check-in to the hotel, dinner at Laguna Beach, a stroll on the beach, and then Pageant of the Masters at the outdoor ampitheater.

The show was spectacular; the weather was perfect; the parking was awesome; everything was great!

Day 2: Slept-in until almost 10:00am, swam at the pool which we had all to ourselves, went to CPK for lunch, then saw "The Help," and cried and cried, shopped at Fashion Island, picked-up dinner, went back to the hotel and ate our dinner while watching a chick flick.

Day 3: Slept-in again, played cards in our jammies, went out to lunch at Ruby's, drove around the beach, but couldn't find parking, went to Sprinkle's and Peet's Coffee for dessert, headed back to see our families.

Whew -- what an incredibly refreshing time!! I feel so blessed!

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