Friday, August 12, 2011


...At least, that is the Swedish name for these little things I got at Ikea. Allison asked me how to pronounce them, and I simply told her I don't speak Swedish... ha! I'm pretty sure they've been around forever -- you know, the beads that you iron and they stick together. But, it's a 'new' discovery for the Yeh family!

So, I had to blog about these little beauties because my girls decided to play with them for 2 1/2 hours yesterday... and only stopped because Sierra woke-up from her nap and I told them they had to put them away! Today they woke-up begging to finish, but they had to wait until after school, and when Sierra went down.

Today they only lasted about 30 minutes... but I still love them! I will have to put them away again for a LONG time, so they can enjoy them again when I pull them out. As you can see, Natalie finished her little design.

Allison did not; hence the sad face. But, she wants to try again, tomorrow!

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