Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fast Mondays

A couple of months ago, Allison suddenly started to have trouble sleeping through the night. Little did I know at the time, that for 5 weeks straight she would be getting up several times a night. It was like having a newborn, again! The lack of sleep not only affected my physical state, but my mental state, as well... We were both exhausted!
The good part about all this? Trials, of course, seem necessary sometimes to drive us to our knees. And, I mean that literally... I pray on my knees! But, I decided I wanted "more power" to my prayers. So, I decided I would fast every Monday for my girls.
I really don't know much about fasting, but I want to learn! It's been 6 or 7 weeks now, and I can honestly say I don't like it at all! (I love my food!) But, I believe it's necessary. So far, here's what I've found:
  • Self-discipline doesn't come easy, and this is helping in that area!
  • Allison is indeed sleeping just fine, again! (But, I'm still praying about it!)
  • Scripture seems to come to mind more easily on days I fast.
  • Ironically, fasting helps take my mind off myself. (Though, I am still looking at the clock and counting down until I can eat dinner!)
  • I recently felt the need to write down some specific things I wanted to see come out of this. Most importantly, I wanted Allison to want to pray. She has wanted nothing to do with praying for several months, now. This is so awesome: This one was answered, immediately! She went from not even wanting to repeat a prayer, to wanting to pray on her own! Wow! I was blown away...

So, I will continue my Monday Fast, despite my lack of knowledge and understanding. I feel God calling me to do it, so I will obey. And, I really am excited to learn more about fasting through personal experience. It is a crazy time to raise kids, but I know God put my family and me in this time and place for a reason and I am excited about watching His plan for our lives unfold. His grace is sufficient!

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Karen Hyde said...

Thanks for sharing that, Cara! What a great learning experience for you and your girls. I can't wait to hear more about what God has in store for you!

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