Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Love language...

I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with the 5 love languages... while my husband is an incredible "gift giver" as well as an awesome "acts of service" guy, he struggles with the love language of "words." He's great at writing them, but not so great at saying them. So, I have come to not expect much in the way of words, but just realized that God gave me a daughter who is awesome at giving words of love. I remember the first time I was blessed by Allison's words: we were in a dressing room, (not my favorite place), when I heard a little 2 year old voice say, "You look beautiful in that, Mama."
I was reminded of this again 2 days ago while painting the walls. While I am busy painting the walls, Allison paints with me on a paper taped to the floor. As I was painting, I suddenly heard a 3 year old voice tell me, "Wow, mom... that looks really good. You did a great job." Awww... I am so blessed! And, here is Allison's masterpiece:

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