Friday, August 29, 2008

No-schedule Thursday

Today was our 3rd day of preschool. Allison still loves it! Each day has gotten a little better for Natalie! As for me, I really enjoy it too, but I do miss our "freedom." Yesterday we had nothing on the schedule, so we were back to our old routine...

Took the dog for a jog

Played at the park for a long time

Went to the mall to play in the fountains

Came home and made smoothies

Went outside in the evening to play with the neighbors

I suppose it's inevitable to have a schedule... Even if I do homeschool, it will be structured, and the kids will probably have sports and music lessons, etc. Schedules are unavoidable! It's just that I've been so spoiled for the last 3 years! I feel like I've turned a new page and we're starting a new chapter. Enjoy the pictures! And, Grandpa... here's a special video just for you!

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