Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Natalie turns 20 months!

My baby is 20 months old, today! Hard to believe… yet, recently she has seemed completely like a “big girl,” and not like a baby at all. She even looks a little silly in her crib. (Allison is anxiously awaiting Natalie moving into her room so they can have bunk beds and a slumber party every night!)
Some of her more impressive achievements this month include singing her ABC’s, recognizing colors, and repeating almost anything you ask her to say. My favorite part about her maturing, however, is watching the relationship between her and Allison develop. They definitely know how to push each other’s buttons, but more often than not you can find Allison “teaching” Natalie things, and Natalie happily responding. It is so sweet! Of course, since Natalie doesn’t always understand what’s happening, Allison will often tell her, “Natalie, say ‘yes,’” and Natalie will… whether she means it, or not! If you ask Allison, her “best friend” is “NADIES!”
By now you may be thinking that all we do all day is sit around and do crafts and take videos… well, you’re right! The girls beg me to take videos now. So, here is another one for you:

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