Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is it Fall, yet?

Is anybody else out there as excited as I am that the Fall season is about to begin? What am I looking forward to the most? Great question!

  • Decorating the house

  • Pumpkin-scented candles

  • Halloween costumes for the girls

  • Going to the pumpkin patch

  • Baking banana bread

  • Cooking homemade soups and crockpots

  • We have 3 vacations coming up: San Francisco, Texas, and Minnesota/Wisconsin... (Yes, I get to be in the midwest this Fall... is there anything better?)

  • Warm coffee on the porch on a chilly morning

  • Wearing jeans

  • Football season
  • Meeting all the new babies that are due this Fall

Ok, I'll stop now to spare you a never-ending list! I hope this got you excited, too!


The Texas Butlers said...

Yes, yes, yes I'm excited...for all those reasons. I'm already planning the kids costumes, my fall decor, I'm already baking banana bread and my cardigans are out even though it's 90 degrees. I just can't help myself. Don't forget planting fall annuals...mums!!!

Karen Hyde said...

I'm ready for fall too...for all those reasons but especially the new baby and the jeans I hope I can fit into! :) Yea for normal clothes - and cool weather ones at that!!!!

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