Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Recently, a lot of people have commented on how much Allison and Natalie look alike. Just last night we were walking at the mall, and some kids thought they were twins. (They were riding in the stroller). I see the resemblance, but I think they look very different. Is it because I'm the mom? What do YOU think?


Karen Hyde said...

I'm with you...I see the resemblance but I don't see the twins. I get that a lot with my boys too. Maybe it IS a mom thing. That or maybe other people just don't look as hard as they should - like the "what a cute boy" when the baby is dressed all in pink. It's a crazy, crazy world! ;)

Crystal said...

cara, to answer your earlier question: i'm teaching at martinez elementary - a public school in colorado springs. i really love it there! now to answer your 2nd question: the girls definitely look like sisters, but i don't think they look like twins. are they around the same size? maybe that's what's confusing people?

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