Saturday, December 20, 2008

Birthday Details

Thanks to some good friends for the idea, we have a tradition of the girls opening one gift under their bed first thing in the morning on their birthday. Here Natalie is opening her "mix'em markers."
Of course, the girls had to try them out right away! They were a big hit!
Here is the first snowman cupcake I made for her snowman party... they were a lot of fun! Click here for the recipe!
The "spread"
More of "the spread"
We attempted to have 3 pizzas together make a snowman pizza, but the people at the pizza place didn't know how to make a snowman face out of pepperoni. Oh well... at least it tasted yummy!

The calm before the storm... or the clean before the mess, I should say!

Natalie working on her snowman craft. Anything with glue makes her happy!

Allison working on her 4th snowman!

Little Miss C. pinning her snowhat on the snowgirl... Isn't she adorable?

The best idea of all... fake snow! We ordered this off the internet, and it is very cool. It expands 100 times its original size, and really feels like snow. It's slippery and cold, too! (It does leave a big mess, though!)

Opening presents!

And, of course, trying the cupcakes. This is Allison with her special friend Miss G. who is just hours older than Allison!

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jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

How sweet! Such a cute party! Happy belated Birthday!!

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