Saturday, December 13, 2008

True Story

I'm so bad.

See these adorable Hello Kitty Christmas stickers?

Here's the story...

We were at Target one day buying items for our trip. Of course, the first section in Target is their dollar section, filled with all my favorites: Hello Kitty, Christmas, and things that only cost a dollar. Allison picked up these stickers and excitedly showed them to me.

Allison: "Look what I found!"

Me: "Ooh, those are very cool! Should we buy them?"

Allison: "Are they on your list?"

Me: "Well, no... but that's ok."

Allison: "Then we shouldn't buy them."

Me: (Confused, amazed, and in disbelief... I decided to test her) "Go put them back, then"

Allison: "Ok" (And she does!)

So, where did these lovely stickers come from? I put them on my list for the next trip!

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