Monday, December 1, 2008

Still getting ready...

How long does it take the average family to put up all their Christmas decor? For me, it used to be one day... Now with the "help" of toddlers, it takes three days! I must admit, the first day was a little rough! Allison was not responding to all my efforts to make it fun; (i.e. hot chocolate, a snowman craft, deocrating the tree.) I'm happy to report, we are now all decorated and truly have had a fun couple days. What's the difference? PRAYER! I was so frustrated and tired that first night, that Daniel and I went to our room, got on our knees, and begged for help! God granted me forgiveness, patience, and restored my Christmas joy! So, besides decorating, how else are we enjoying this season?
  • Every night after the girls get in their jammies and have their teeth brushed, we turn off all the lights, sit by the tree, and sing carols.
  • Our nightly walk to the mailbox now takes us around the block to see all the lights.
  • I now have my basket of Christmas books, (Thanks again for the idea, Ronnie!). After breakfast, we read a Christmas story.

I had to laugh at this picture... I forgot to make sure it was cool enough!

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Rhonda said...

three days of decorating, yes -- but in our house, they aren't even consecutive days! We did our tree Sunday, and I'm hoping to get the rest done, um. . . you know, before Christmas! ;) Thanks for the reminder to pray!

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