Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in pictures

Allison's look says it all; Santa shopped the dollar section of Michael's this year, and found the quality to be far less than a $. (i.e. stamps that fell apart, puzzles that wouldn't come apart, and "play doh" that was icky sticky... Oops.) Now I know!
Good thing grandma and grandpa skipped the dollar store. This was the "hit" present; a vintage red kitchen! We now "bake" cookies every day! I'll hae to show you some after pictures! Thanks to my sweet husband for building it!

Uncle Nate grilled the prime rib and lamb. Personally, I don't like lamb, but the prime rib was awesome! My bro is a gourmet cook, and by all accounts apparently the lamb was delicious, as well!

The "Yeh" side of the family... do I fit in?? (Smiles!)

Grandma enjoying her wine.

Forget waiting in line to see Santa; grandpa works great for us!

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