Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back to School????

Well, it's that time of year, again! Back to school!! (Ok, so it's only July 9.. but Target has all it's back-to-school supplies on sale NOW!) Perhaps it's because our schools will be starting August 10 this year. Poor kiddos! Anyway, I always look forward to the back to school sales for a couple reasons:
  1. It makes me feel like Fall is around the corner... I LOVE fall!!! Love, love, love!
  2. It's the one time a year I stock-up on glue, markers, etc. You really can't beat the prices, and by this time of year the girls' old markers are usually dried-up, and their glue supply almost gone!
This year, I also bought some dry-erase markers for our board. We already had a set, but these came with their own little white board, an eraser, and some cleaner which we desperately needed! I envisioned playing "school" with Allison, but told her to play "school" with Natalie while I cooked dinner. It was too adorable! They played, and played, and PLAYED! I cooked, and cooked, and COOKED in peace! Hooray for back-to-school sales!

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