Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday Sabbath

I was just enjoying our Sunday Sabbath again yesterday, and reflecting on how awesome it was. Daniel took the girls to the park in the morning. Then he played Chutes and Ladders with Allison. We took a family trip to Costco for some samples. (Oh, and other necessities, as well!) Then came my favorite part; painting with Allison, while Natalie and Daniel took a nap. She kept saying how much she enjoyed doing things with me, and how she wanted to be just like me. (Melt my heart!) We finished the night off by putting the girls down and playing with our new Wii! Daniel killed me in tennis, but I rocked in bowling!

Anyway, I woke up this morning, and went back to my computer after my 24 hour hiatus. On Facebook, my friend wrote a whole spiel entitled, "In Defense of a Day of Rest." You can check it out here. So true... I couldn't agree more!

So, what did I paint? I have been wanting to paint a bird on a branch silhouette, as well as a Bible Verse in our bathroom for a while. I finished the bird and branch within 30 minutes, and chalked out the verse, but haven't had a chance to paint it, yet. I added a butterfly at the last minute, as requested by Allison, but I don't think I like it. Here are the pictures. (I'll show you how the verse turned out, when I'm done!)


3 SISTERS said...

How great. Your bathroom looks awesome.

mel said...

can you provide more details as to how you painted it on the wall as well as chalking out the bible verse? that would be great!

Karen Hyde said...

Very cool!

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