Friday, July 3, 2009

July 4th FUN!

I realized today just how few July 4th decorations we have... Considering that I have several bins full of every other holiday in the garage, I even surprised myself! So, this morning the girls and I decided to do some July 4th crafts. First, we made these fun candle votives for the kitchen. (The colors even match my kitchen!)

Next, we decided to do some handprint/ footprint flags I saw on "Be Different Act Normal." (My friend also sent me the link... thanks, Holly!) I was glad Daniel got home just in time to help with these... what a mess! But, lots of fun!

These 2 pictures I got off "The Crafty Crow," today. I've already made my cone cups, and plan to serve the girls breakfast in them, tomorrow. (Cold cereal, of course! I don't know why they don't like milk?!?!) I just thought the kabobs were adorable! Unfortunately, we don't have the stuff or the time to head to the grocery store. Maybe next year!

God Bless America!

1 comment:

Charles said...

Those kabobs are awesome. I'll have to try that next year too!

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