Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cold Stone Factory Tour

My friend just sent me these pictures of our Cold Stone factory tour from a couple weeks ago. Perfect timing, huh? No pictures of my own to post, but now I have these... thanks, Marcie! Our MOPS group took a little tour of the Cold Stone Ice Cream Shop at Victoria Gardens, and I thought it was a lot of fun! The kids weren't too excited about all the behind-the-scenes stuff, but they were sure excited about making their own ice cream! The littlest child got to go first, which happened to be Natalie this time. Of course, she picked strawberry ice cream with sprinkles, but then spent more time pushing the sprinkles aside with her spoon than eating her ice cream! Silly girl! Allison picked vanilla with sprinkles... what happened to choosing coffee ice cream, (found out they use Folgers!), or the chocolate and peanut butter cups? Whose girls are these???

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The Garrido Family said...

Hi Cara! This is so funny seeing you! I just recently got Jennifer Landes' blog address, and now I see yours. Hope you remember me. We met at Cold Stone (MOPS) then again at Sandie's house for a swim day (MOPS again)...& just in case you're still wondering "who?" lol...we also go to bible study together. I was scoping out your blog and noticed my son Jeremiah in the I have a broken camera too so I feel your pain. I didn't even have a camera for Jeremiah's 1st day of KINDERGARTEN!!! Is that a crime or what? We had my husband's iPhone. Anyway...see you soon ☺

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