Monday, July 13, 2009

The Flower Girl

I was told by some of you that I never posted pictures of our trip up north. Of course, I expected that comment from my mom, but I was so impressed that others of you picked-up on that! Really, I just had trouble getting back in the swing of blogging once we got back. Lots on my mind lately with MOPS and preparing for Yehbie! But, you are right... I at least have to post some pics of our beautiful flower girl. One funny story, first:

The flower girls were suppose to come back around after walking down the aisle, but somehow ended up standing up front the whole time. They were a bit squirmy, and actually very entertaining; especially Allison! Afterward, the lady behind me commented, "That one flower girl was sure a distraction!" I turned around smiling, and the lady continued... "uh... and... uh... cute!" Too funny!

1 comment:

Hino Kids said...

that is the prettiest flower girl dress ever!! C's were always just white white white..... Allison is so pretty! Very enchanting!!

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