Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Corn Day

Our theme for today was "corn day." To quote Allison, "I wish every day was corn day!"

Our first activity was to paint our own Indian corn. For this, the kids each counted out 7 q-tips for their 7 colors, and dipped the ends to paint the corn. Instead of using realistic colors, I let the kids choose their own colors. Needless-to-say, we had some colorful corn!

For our second corn activity, each kid got a real part of an ear of corn and used it to roll in their colors and roll onto their paper. These pictures turned out very cool... frame worth, in fact!

Next we read a poem about candy corn stars and glued it to our papers in the shape of a star. Allison was actually able to do this herself!

Of course, we had to do some "real school work," and learned how to write the letter "c." For completing this activity, the kids got to eat some candy corn.

Finally, we learned a Bible verse. This, too, was rewarded with candy corn! (After all that sugar, we popped some popcorn for a healthy snack... yum, yum!)

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Crystal said...

now that i'm back to work, i feel about 2 steps behind with everything! check my facebook page for recent lincoln pics! so sorry!

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