Friday, October 16, 2009

Spider Webs

I found a cute craft idea in one of my preschool craft books, but... well, it didn't quite work the way it was suppose to. As always, it was more the process than the actual finished product that was most enjoyable, so I suppose I can still call it a success.

What you do is mix a little white paint and water, pour a little on a black sheet of paper, and use a straw to blow the web. (Make sure your kids don't suck instead of blow!) I actually saved these, despite the fact that they look nothing like real webs. We are going to make it a 2-part project, and add glitter paint webs, and pom-pom spiders. For now, I took advantage of Picnik's fun Halloween clip art, fonts, and effects to add spiders and webs to these pictures. Go check it out.. they're lots of fun!

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