Monday, October 26, 2009

Shopping Online...

I have always been nervous to shop online for clothes for myself. After all, I am not like my husband who knows his exact measurements and can simply pick things out. However, I do know the exact size of my girls, and recently decided to give online shopping for Allison a try. I went to the Children's Place clearance section, and got excited about all the items I could find. I then Googled "Children's Place coupon codes," and got an additional 15% off of everything. All-together, with shipping and tax, I bought 11 items and spent less than $5 per item!

Then the day came for the package to arrive. It was like Christmas... Allison was SO excited to see the box at the front door, and we spent the next hour playing dress-up. The one item I hesitated on was this pink hat. I never know if my girls will actually wear hats! To my delight, it was one of her favorite things. Hooray for Children's Place! I think I will be doing a lot more online clothes shopping for kids from now on!

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