Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today was the most wonderful day! The weather was perfect; a beautiful, cool fall day! Daniel was home... the girls played well together... and we spent the day getting ready for Yehbie's arrival! I still can't believe all that we checked off our list!

We ended the night with a free babysitter for the girls. (Our sweet babysitter offered her services at no charge as our baby present!) So, Daniel and I went out for dinner, a trip to Target, and some frozen yogurt. We had to laugh at ourselves going to Target for a date night! But, it was lots of fun. We actually started calling Yehbie by her real name since the girls weren't with us, which is... oh, sorry! I'm going to make you wait! Just a few more days now!

My favorite "nesting" project of today was hanging my red hook. I know it sounds silly, but I was pondering what to do with my boppy one day, and thought "Hmmm... a hook would be fun." I wasn't really motivated, until I walked into my closet and found an old black hook that I had sitting around. I then checked the garage, and we had a can of red spray paint; that's when I got really excited! So, this was a free project! I bought a new boppy cover tonight at Target with one of our gift cards from a surprise shower my MOPS girlsfriends threw me, yesterday.

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Crystal said...

a hook for the boppy ... great idea!

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