Sunday, October 4, 2009

North Etiwanda Preserve Trail

Oh, how I loved today! The perfect day... We woke up to much cooler temperatures than we've had in a while, and it felt just like fall! So, we enjoyed a relaxing morning before heading out for a hike on the new North Etiwanda Preserve trail, just 3 miles from our house! It's a 3.2 mile trail, and the girls did great!
The sky was awesome!

The girls ate "mini hiking sticks," (pretzels), along the way.

And, in honor of the glorious weather, we had hot chocolate and marshmallows to finish off the day. (Somebody please tell Natalie that it's far too cold to be wearing her favorite butterfly dress!)


Jennifer said...

I am so glad you went to the preserve and took pictures! We really wanted to go, but were celebrating Elsie's birthday instead. I can't wait to go hiking there soon.

Karen Hyde said...

It WAS a great day yesterday! Is that the new trail that just opened? I want to take my boys! Now if only we had a weekend free... :)

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