Friday, July 30, 2010

Family (not so) Fun Friday

Yes, it was one of those days... Daniel was home, lots of fun in store, and yet 3 tired girls made it a challenge! First, we went to the MOPS end of summer bash with a giant waterslide. There were smiles going down, followed by complaints of wet and mud. So, despite this girl's smiley face...

We went home early because of this face:

Next came our family fun evening. It was inspired by this post from Frugal Family Fun. Daniel went to Home Depot to get a dowel, which he sawed into 4 smaller dowels and some eye hooks to make these giant bubble wands:

Just look how excited the girls were!

Until, alas... they didn't work; not at all!! Oh, it was so disappointing! We tried shortening the strings, moving out of the wind, moving into the wind... nothing!

Finally, I decided to make homemade bubble mix rather than the store-bought kind we had tried. I didn't have any glycerin, which would have been the best from what I read! But, I did have these things:


It worked!!!

Hooray! In the end, we talked to the girls about what experimenting is, and how it doesn't always turn out as we expect it to. And, they were very happy that it finally worked, and we ended the day with smiles! (And, I will be honest... I was happy to put the girls to bed!)

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