Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Has Arrived!

Summer arrived with a bang, today -- 104 degrees here in Rancho! Yikes! Luckily, Daniel is on a 5-day break from work, so we headed straight to the beach! Even at 10:00am, right on the water, the weather was hot!

Dolphins -- tons of them! I SO wanted to swim out to them. (I actually did end up swimming in the waves, later. Haven't done that in at least a decade; very refreshing!)

Not sure letting Sierra practice her crawling in the sand was a good idea... she had fun until it was time to clean her up!

Of course, we came home and went straight in the bath/ shower! Immediately following, the girls begged for a seashell craft. I gave them some paper, butterflies, and glue and let them do whatever they wanted.... Awww, the simplicity of crafts at this age! Such joy for them, and no work for me!

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