Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A recital, a graduation, and another milestone... oh my!

This summer is just flying by... the girls have come to the end of their ballet and jazz class, and finished it off with their very first recital, yesterday! Oh, how I LOVED it! It was exactly as it should be. Little girls bumping into each other - mine smiling and waving instead of dancing - cute little bows at the end! I am such a proud mama!

Just look at Natalie with her hands on her hips as everybody else spins. Priceless!

I even let the girls wear a bit of make-up. I should have taken a picture right away before it sort of wore off. They looked so much older! I had a glimpse into the future... and I was scared!

Daniel video taped the whole thing, and we came home and had a blast watching it! What a precious day!

Above you can see us working on graduation cards for Papa on Sunday. Today was his graduation ceremony from Paramedic school. We are SO proud of him! (And, to be perfectly honest, I am selfishly glad he is done, as it was a huge time commitment!) But, he did an excellent job carving out time for his family, and not studying too much from home.

I brought snacks and coloring books to keep the girls "entertained," and was so glad I did... we arrived an hour early, it started 20 minutes late, and ran very long! What troopers they were...

Even sweet Seesers kept a smile!

Way to go, Honey!

And now for the milestones... as I mentioned the other day, Sierra now crawls and pulls herself to a standing position. She also claps, and understands when you ask her to clap. She got her 3rd and almost her 4th tooth up top, and just seems overall a LOT older than she did just 2 weeks ago. She is seeming almost more like a toddler, though she is still very baby-like, as well. I could spend all day just kissing those cheeks!

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