Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Gift

I could go on and on about all the gifts the Lord has given me. I am blessed beyond measure! But, today I was pondering one gift in particular... Today I am thankful for my keen awareness of the shortness of this life. I know that may sound a little funny, so let me explain.
  • Someday I will miss having MOPS summer swim dates, like the one we had Monday.
  • I will miss my girls wanting me right there as they swim, because they will not want me to catch them when they jump in.
  • I will miss having to pack picnic lunches, because they will probably go get fast food with their friends.
  • I will miss the fussing baby falling asleep in the swing, because she will no longer need naps.
  • Someday I will miss running to grab the camera during breakfast and laughing at the mess, because she will no longer get Nutella all over her face.
  • Someday I will miss lazy days of no school and learning to ride bikes like this past Sunday.
  • I will miss Natalie asking me to sing "Help me Mama, help, help me Mama," as I push up the yogurt stuck in the bottom of the tube, because she won't need help.
  • I will miss Sierra putting grass in her mouth, because she will be asking for candy instead.
  • I will miss throwing the dog the ball every time we come outside, because he will grow old and tired, too.
  • Someday I won't have to move all the knives away from the sink before giving Sierra a bath, because she'll be taking a shower, instead.
  • Someday, I'll no longer be asked to do a craft every day.
  • I will miss walking into Michael's and looking in the clearance section for fun ideas for the kids, because they will need College books, instead.
  • I won't have to wash brushes every day or collect baby jars, because there will be no brushes to wash nor baby jars to collect.
  • Someday I will miss telling the girls their slumber party is over, and it is time to stop talking.
  • I will miss hearing giggles, finding funny sleep positions, and kissing their heads because the house will already be too quiet.
  • Someday I will miss being asked to gather fruit and veggies in our "special" harvest basket.
  • I will miss the insistence on a close-up of the "window" because it will be filled in all too soon.
  • I will miss the joy on Allison's face as she sneaks a tomato or discovers another ripe one!
Growing up will happen all too soon. For now, I am thankful for each precious day.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above." James 1:17


3 SISTERS said...

How beautiful!! You brought a tear to my eye. I feel the same way. Time goes by so fast and at times I feel like I don't take advantage of all the time in a day with my girls. My little one Bella is 4 months. Wow!!! And I just remember you posting pics of newborn Sierra. Life is to precious to miss a single minute. I love this post!

Karen Hyde said...

So true! I almost cried! Makes me want to go hug my boys before they grow any bigger.

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