Saturday, July 3, 2010

Poppin' Fun Preschool

We had a wonderful "Pop"-themed lunch/ preschool with our friends today. Thanks, Family Fun, for some of the wonderful ideas... like these watermelon pops!

Thanks, Martha, for the festive printable vase covers. So much fun!

For our first activity, we had fun with "pop-its." (I even had them try to kill my ants!) I was actually carded buying them at the store. "How old do you have to be?" I asked... "18!" I was quite happy, until my husband commented, "Don't mistake stupidity for flattery!" Thanks, Honey!

For the "game," (educational part), the kids had to draw a word out of the popcorn container, sound it out, then find it on the popcorn sheet and "butter" that piece of popcorn. Surprisingly fun! I think the kids would like any activity that requires randomly picking an item out of a container!

Of course, we had a balloon pop... Not my favorite! (Nor Natalie's) But, the other kids loved it.
Thanks again to Family Fun for the red, white, and blue soda pop. I can't believe it worked... very cool! Get the recipe here.


Popsicles for dessert!

We made red, white, and blue popcorn. You can get the recipe here. It was yummy, but took some time to dry, and VERY sweet... even with the salt we added. Thanks to custom printables
for the popcorn holder!

I had more ideas... went to 3 stores, but couldn't find "pop rocks" candy. Pop tarts, ring pops, lollipops... a bit too much sugar, though! Watching "Mary 'Pop'pins," popping bubbles with your tongue, etc. Just not enough time!

We're looking forward to tomorrow. Have a wonderful Independence Day. God bless America!

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