Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lesson Learned...

This morning was day 8 of my big girls having a fever. I finally took them to the doctor. I wouldn't have made a doctor's appointment, had Natalie not been up until midnight screaming she didn't feel well last night. Wouldn't you know, the doctor took one look in her ear, and exclaimed "OMG. That is bad. That is SO bad." He looked in the other ear and said the same.


And, here I waited over a week! No mother of the year award being handed out here. I felt horrible. She is now on ear drops and her and Allison have antibiotics. Sierra was "fine," despite this being her 12th day with a runny nose. She is also breaking 6 teeth at the moment, so that could be part of it! It's rough being a kid, I guess... or is it? Here are some of the sick day events that took place in the Yeh home.

Playing Keyboard.

Eating popcorn in our box cars.

Delivering popcorn to the girls eating popcorn in their box cars.

Jogs to the park so Mommy can feel less guilty about her sweet tooth, and the girls can play for hours in the beautiful spring-like weather. I love these kind of days!

And, of course, some warm cozy tea during school. In the famous words of one of my favorite blogs, "It's great to be a homeschooler."

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Karen Hyde said...

Poor kids! Poor Mom! I hope everyone will come out of the icky sicky faze soon. And don't feel bad about the loss of mom of the year... I lost that on January 1st! ;)

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