Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Today Grandma took the girls to the "Fishy Store," (aka the Bass Pro Shop, which is across the street from us), to do a little fishing! At 80 degrees, it was a perfect day for it!

Personally, I have never gone fishing before. Now my daughter can say she's done something her mom has never done!

Would you believe it... look closely at the bottom right hand corner of the picture above.

Yup! She caught a fish! Way to go, Allison!

I was so proud of her for holding the slimy thing as it flipped and flopped. She is definitely braver than I was at that age!

Poor Natalie and Grandma missed the whole thing, as they chose exactly the wrong moment to go in and get some water.

WE stayed and watched a bit longer hoping Natalie would get a turn, but the fish just weren't biting. The good news is, they are doing it again tomorrow, so we will be back.

So... guess what we had for dinner?

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