Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Going Deep

I love this girl. Oh, how I love this girl... If only I could know what goes on inside of that brain!

I am on an e-mail list for Sherwood Pictures, and just got the trailer for a new movie, "Soul Surfer." I clicked to watch it, only to notice little eyes behind me watching, as well. The movie is about Bethany Hamilton, pro surfer and Christian inspiration, who lost her arm to a shark attack and still surfs pro.

Honestly, I had never even heard of her name before 2 days ago. However, once we saw this trailer, we were drawn-in to her story. ("We" meaning Allison and I.) She was so intrigued and full of questions. We talked about Bethany's attitude and how she still praises God amidst a tragedy. We talked about how we would feel, and what we might do.

The questions and talks went on and on. Every few minutes Allison would ask, "Can we talk about her again?" What an open door! Allison's prayers have even gone a bit deeper. I was just so amazed at how intrigued she was. We continued our talks well into dinner.

Needless-to-say, I think I will take Allison to see this movie. Perhaps we will even read her book before hand. I really don't want her to grow-up too fast, or to be too sophisticated at this age. But, she is so mature and I think she would really enjoy it. I'll probably preview it first. What do you think? Is she too young?

Here's the trailer for you to peak at. If you get a chance, google Bethany Hamilton and watch the real story, too. Wow.

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Jennifer said...

I remember when this happened. She was such an inspiration and seemed so possitive throughout it. I would definitly preview it first, as watching it might be a lot deeper or even tramtic, then just hearing/reading about it.

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