Friday, March 11, 2011

Butterfly Apple Chips

What's this, you ask? Part 1 of our week of butterflies. We had so much fun this week. I wish every week could be butterfly week! Ok, let me explain this one...

I saw this blog post about making apple chips, and knew I had to try it. We made just a few adjustments. Since it was butterfly week, we used butterflies to cut out the middle sections.

We also used blood orange juice to paint them so they wouldn't turn brown, and sprinkled them with a little sugar/ cinnamon mixture.

We baked them at 250 for an hour, and they turned out PERFECT. Well, the small piece that I tried was delicious. The rest were gobbled down by my girls so fast that I couldn't even have seconds.
We'll be making another batch very soon. (ehem - tomorrow - ehem!)

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