Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Egg Carton Flower Wreaths

For some reason, I hadn't been on Crafty Crow for a while. Today I browsed around, and found a ton of inspiration for spring! I gave the girls a few options, and they went for this egg carton flower wreath. (We keep a ton of egg cartons on hand, so if you ever need any let me know!)

Warning... hands will get painted!

Here is Natalie's wreath; not quite finished...

And, here is Allison's! I was hoping to do one wreath with both their flowers, but Allison insisted they each did their own. This is definitely a project we'll do again when they're a little older.


Karen Hyde said...

Cute! But... where do you keep all these craft supplies? Egg cartons, TP rolls, lunch meat containers, glass bottles... I'd have to move a boy out! ;)

Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

Ha! Yes, storing them is the challenge. I'll show you tomorrow when you drop the boys off! :)

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