Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Night Pie

My husband gets Father of the Year, today, and it's because of this run-on sentence: He slept in Natalie's room last night after she continually got up so that she would stop waking me up, stayed home from work so that I could go to MOPS, took the girls to Barnes and Noble, miniature golfing, and then to Chick-fil-A for lunch, ran to the store (with Sierra) to get some milk and veggies for me, made dinner, and still had energy to make a fresh blueberry pie for dessert. I am SO blessed!

Now, I'm not really a pie person... I'm more of a cake girl. The thought of canned fruit makes me gag. But, there is something about my husband's fresh homemade blueberry pie that I just LOVE! I know what I will be having with my coffee tomorrow morning!

1 comment:

Kirsten Stewart said...

The pie looks amazing! I have never tried the weave thing for the top - I am very impressed! Enjoy!

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