Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Allison turns 6!

Today is Allison's actual 6th birthday! She woke-up to the traditional present-under-the-bed. She then chose chocolate chip pancakes for her breakfast. We were blessed that Daniel happens to have the day off, so once he drove home from work, he headed right back to Orange County to take us all to the beach; (Allison's choice, of course!)

We arrived a little after 11:00am, and decided to do lunch first so that we could spend more time at the beach without getting too hungry. We ate at "The Crab Cooker;" a favorite of Daniel and mine.

It was such a beautiful day... once at the beach we played for a couple hours. Here is the narrowed-down version of pictures for you: (I promise, I really tried to narrow it down!)

We stopped for frozen yogurt on the way home... it was a great treat before all 3 girls crashed in the car! We came home and showered, watched Allison's new Veggie Tale movie, had mac and cheese and salad, per the birthday girl's request, and now...... aaaaahhhh... the house is quiet and bed is calling! Happy birthday, sweet Allison. I love you!!

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