Saturday, June 11, 2011

VG Kids Fair

If you're a grown-up in the Yeh household these days, you are on one of 2 duties:
  1. Packing Duty
  2. Childcare duty
Today Grandma took over packing duty for 3 hours, while I walked the girls across the street to Victoria Gardens, where they were having a Kids Fair type thing.

There were about 25 booths, and if you went to each one and got a code, you were entered into a drawing to win a Beaches vacation -- oh, how I hope we win!

The 2 favorites were the face painting and the hula hoops. Allison and Sierra could have hula hooped all day.

Many booths had wheels and prizes; more junk to take home for our Goodwill pile! But, it was exciting for the girls!

Sierra thought she was such a big girl! It was a fun outting!

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