Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Missing You...

Hi, Grandma... See these three faces??

They're missing you! And, so am I! What a blessing you've been the past 12 days. My dishes didn't magically get washed tonight. My boxes didn't get magically packed tonight. The biggest girl went to bed with many, many sad tears. I almost couldn't say goodbye today at the airport -- I felt like I would cry the whole way home!

You are a special lady; so giving of yourself, and so loving to your family. Look at the faces, again. They are looking at you and loving you! So glad we get to see you again, soon. I have to go to bed now, because Sierra won't be magically changed and fed breakfast before I get up, tomorrow.

We love you, Grandma! Thank you for everything.


Kirsten Stewart said...

Yep. Totally cried while reading this post this morning. I completely relate to what you are mom is this kind of mom/grandma, too. I only hope I can be that kind of mom/grandma to my kids one day, too. Thanks for sharing!

our delightful life...the story of us said...

teary eyed over here. that's exactly how i feel when my mom leaves.

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