Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Build and Grow"

I always hesitate a little to brag on my husband for a couple reasons.
  1. I don't want to embarrass him.
  2. I am not trying to make it seem like we have the perfect life/ marriage. We don't. Nobody does.
But, I am often amazed at what a wonderful father/ husband he really is, and I do want to honor him for that. So, honey, forgive me if this embarrasses you...

We recently discovered these "Build and Grow" days at Lowe's. They are awesome! The first one Daniel took the girls to, they built a toy firetruck that had a working siren and all. The second one, they built a "monster truck" in honor of Halloween, and it had a working green light. This past weekend, despite feeling sick, Daniel took all 3 girls once again to Lowe's... this time to build a science test-tube kit. And, he didn't stop there...

Once they got home, he made them lunch, put Sierra down, and then did several of the experiments with the big girls. Then they played a game! Ok, I'm done boasting... but isn't that awesome? This is all while I spent the morning at a women's gathering at church, then came home to a nap. The best part is, he took pictures of the experimenting for me to share! Here you go:

You can see the wood test-tube holder they built. It also came with 2 test tubes, a plastic dish with a spout, (sorry, I don't know the scientific names), and several experiment cards for the kids to try.
In addition, each project from the firetruck to this one comes with a patch for the kids. Once I get to making the girls' vests for "Keepers of the Home," I have 3 additional patches to add to them!

Well, it looks like they had a lot of fun! Tomorrow we will school early, and then I will be off to get my hair cut and then to the doctor to see how my little guy is cooking. Something tells me the girls may be doing a little extra science tomorrow!

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